Future War: Reborn
Future War: Reborn

Future War: Reborn

E-Home Entertainment Development Co., LTD • Δράση και περιπέτεια • Παιχνίδια βολών
Αρχική τιμή 9,99 €, σε έκπτωση με 5,99 €
Προς πώληση: εξοικονομήστε 4,00 €
Προς πώληση: εξοικονομήστε 4,00 €


Future War: Reborn is the latest 3D TPS game about a post-apocalyptic war. You will control the full-fledged Genome Fighter to strafe enemies and sweep through battlefields with cutting-edge weapons, to defend human beings from hordes of dead walkers. TAKE YOUR ARMS AND OPEN YOUR FIRES! *** FEATURES ● 45°angel direction to view battlefields ● Awesome 3D graphics design ● An attractive storyline to develop ● Special skills to dodge and blow zombies up ● 6 types of AAA+ weapons to obtain ● Mighty titans and autocannons for secondary attack Download Future War: Reborn and join this 3D TPS game! Need more updates or supports for this zombie theme war and TPS game? Connect with Future War: Reborn!

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