A Castle Full of Cats

A Castle Full of Cats

Silesia Games Sp. z o.o. • Γρίφοι και κουίζ • Οικογένεια και παιδιά
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15 Υποστηριζόμενες γλώσσες
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A Castle Full of Cats is a hidden object game with a bit of a metroidvania structure: it features alternate paths, keys to be found, mysterious NPC’s… and more! Fofiño hasn’t been himself, since he found himself cursed by an evil force… He had transformed every cat in the castle into a dark (yet cute) creature! Now only Lily the calico cat can save her soulmate, and release the castle from the evil spell! Features: 500+ cats to find 100+ cats… that are even harder to find! 20+ unique rooms to search …Secrets!

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Silesia Games Sp. z o.o.

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Devcats Games

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