ZJ the Ball (Xbox Version)

ZJ the Ball (Xbox Version)

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What do you get when you mix a ball who is looking for a gift to give his mom, a robot who loves to play arcade styled video games, and a Christian message? You get ZJ The Ball! Help ZJ find his way back home, play some arcade styled games, and tell a little robot about God! Bounce to adventure! [Game Features] -Explore five worlds -Simple game play and controls -Watch the story unravel through cutscenes [Character Profiles] [[[( Here are some of the characters you'll see on your adventure! )]]] ZJ the Ball: The star of the game! He's looking for the perfect thank you gift to give his mom! "Hi I'm ZJ the Ball! My mom is a great worker at church and I want to get her something rare and special! I heard there are some pretty blue, yellow, and red flowers in the forest among the gardens! So I'll go look for them!" Axel: A robot that appears before ZJ the Ball with a crash! He keeps showing up and using his special ability to generate arcade styled games! But as soon as he appears, he runs away at sonic speed! I wonder what his goal is? "I'm here to stop you! That's my duty! So now it's time to play a little game!" ???: Axel's boss. So... Who is this mysterious person in the story?! "..." "Where is Axel?!" "Why can't I call or contact him anymore?!" [This game is recommended for people who enjoy, are looking for, or are interested in...] -the ZJ the Ball series -a game for a boy or girl -simple, classic styled platform game with a deep story -a platform game with Christian themes -an adventure game with strong and compelling characters -Christian cartoons and animation -Christian anime and manga -church stories -games about God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit -Bible based kid games -a game with replay value -Bible games for kids -Platform games -mega churches and small churches -2d adventure games -2d platform games -Christian video games for kids -a modern adventure story -a game for a man, woman, boys, and girls -a Christian themed game that anyone can play -cute and colorful pixel art games [About the ZJ the Ball series] ZJ the Ball is a series of video games, books, and animations about characters who have lots of adventures while learning about God, themselves, and the world around them! ZJ the Ball products are designed for children ages 5 to 10. The series began with the original ZJ the Ball video game, released in January 2005, and has continued to this day with many different products! Learn more about the series, the characters, and find a timeline of story events at our official website: https://www.ZJtheBall.com [Visit us at our official website today!] https://www.ZJtheBall.com [Check out news about this and other games at our social media today!] Instagram: instagram.com/zjtheball Twitter: twitter.com/zjtheball_pr ZJ the Ball © 2005-2021 Myron Kevan Tynes Jr. / Breakthrough Gaming. All Rights Reserved.

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