Smart Hat

Smart Hat

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"Smart Hat" is a neon-Platformer with a simple but exciting puzzle design. This is a prototype to challenge the audience and demonstrate the game. FEATURES: Simple Platformer with an exciting design. Awsome Retro-neon combination. Interestingly hard puzzle solving Game Roadmap: 20+ free-to-play levels Customizable Characters. A small expansion of the game which contains a large side-scrolling fracking/frustrating level "Little Nightmare". & Much much more! ⚠ DISCLAIMER: The game is still a prototype and players may face issues during the game. I am so glad if players share their opinions, experience, and suggestions. Feel free to join my discord and give your valuable opinion. Discord This project's future depends on crowdfunding and community support. You can support this project by playing, giving opinions, and donating. You can help project here:- We Don't Have Enough Barin Power To Escape Level 1! Current version: 0.0.2 Pre-Production Test.

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  • PC
  • جهاز محمول
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Single player
  • Xbox Live