Skateboarding - Breakthrough Gaming Arcade

Skateboarding - Breakthrough Gaming Arcade

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Do your best and skate to get a high score in this 2D side scrolling skateboarding game from Breakthrough Gaming! As a skater, you'll need to perform tricks in the skate park to score points! So what will the score be for your run this time? God wants us to enjoy this life He's given us and to have fun doing the right thing! Skateboarding in real life and in a video game can be lots of fun, so that's a way you can enjoy the life God has given you! So live for God and don't forget to have fun! Check out Psalm Chapter 118 in the Bible to read more about this! [Game Features] -Simple game play and controls -Classic styled arcade fun -Biblical message [This game is recommended for people who enjoy or are looking for...] -skateboarding games -games for skaters -a fun and entertaining game for boys and girls of all ages -2d side scrolling games -high score games -skating games -black and white graphics -skateboarders -games with tricks and trick shots -classic first generation home computer graphics and sound -a platform game with Christian themes -Bible based games -pixel art -educational games -games for home schoolers -games for a skateboarder -faith based games -a Christian themed game that anyone can play and enjoy [About the Breakthrough Gaming Arcade series] In each of the games of the Breakthrough Gaming Arcade series, you play arcade styled games that express a Biblical truth, complete with classic arcade styled music and graphics, too! Purchase more games in the series on Xbox and Windows 10 in the Microsoft Store today! [About the Breakthrough Gaming series] Breakthrough Gaming creates Christian themed entertainment in the form of video games, animation, comics, and related products! Get more information about how to purchase our products at our official website: Breakthrough Gaming Arcade - Skateboarding © 2007-2020 Myron Kevan Tynes Jr. / Breakthrough Gaming. All Rights Reserved.

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