Presidential Beatdown

Presidential Beatdown

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► Due to issues with purchasing add-ons in-game, this free edition of the game is now essentially a demo. However, we released an edition of the game with all 3 Prez's unlocked, now available in the Xbox Store: "Presidential Beatdown: Legends". ★All Presidents are treated with the utmost respect in this game. There’s no blood or fatalities. (This isn’t MK!) All names and likenesses of Presidents and celebrities are used in a fictitious and parodic manner. ✪✰✯✮☆✩✬✭✫★⋆✵≛✪✰✯✮☆✩✬✭✫★⋆✵≛✪✰✯✮☆✩✬✭✫★⋆✵≛✪ The Ultimate Political Party-Crasher! Finally, the way the Founding Fathers intended political differences be settled: By whoever’s better at video games! (Why do you think Ben Franklin was in such a hurry to invent electricity?) Presidential Beatdown is a free local/couch 2-D multiplayer fighting game in which super-soldier Presidents battle it out for political dominance. We built an entirely new fighting system from scratch––our latest and greatest. Animations are smooth and battles are crunchy. We’re releasing the game gradually to gauge interest and hopefully support development. We don’t know if any other game has ever tried it this way before, but we’d be glad to be the first. Completion of any planned characters or features is not guaranteed. The only features as of yet are the bare-bones fighting game, the ability for each Profile and Prez to start leveling up Independently, and unlockable cosmetics using Coins, an in-game currency gained at each level-up. Right now only 3 Prez’s are available, from The BOSS Pack: Trump, Obama, and Washington. When you first begin the game, 1 Prez of your choice will be unlocked for free for permanent usage. When you tire of him beating himself up (no doubt locked in an existential battle), the other 2 Prez’s will be available as add-ons. ★ Trump (Red Team #45): “We will make America great again.” The Patriot-King comes down hot and heavy with hard-hitting fisticuffs and a golden lance fashioned from Old Glory herself. ★ Obama (Blue Team #44): “We are the change that we seek.” The Champion of Change uses all of the tools of his trusty Obamacare utility belt with ninja-like speed and skill to harm his opponents or heal himself. ★ Washington (White Team #1): “One Nation under God.” The Father of America cannot tell a lie but he can kick your ass with his mighty battleaxe and throwing hatchets. Unleash devastating Executive Orders, like Trump’s U.S. Space Force Satellite Weapons System Laser Blast, Obama’s Do Some Harm (& Some Healing) combo of damage and HP replenishment, and Washington’s Model-1776 Chainsaw. That’s some good wood ya got there! Do glorious battle in 100 iconic all-American locals such as atop Mount Rushmore, on the deck of a US Navy battleship, and even in the tight quarters of the revered Oval Office. What else do we have planned? Plenty! The Heart of a Nation Pack: (DLC) ★ Lincoln (Red Team #16): “Liberty and Justice for all.” The Great Emancipator and Unifier controls the full breadth of the battlefield with both axe and pistol. ★ JFK (Blue Team #35): “My regards to the CIA.” The rascally ginger turns the national tragedy on its head by becoming a master marksmith, on the other side of the sniper rifle. ★ Ben Franklin (White Team): “Behold..the power of electricity!” He may never have been a President (Betcha didn’t know that? See, this game is ejumacational too), but he was a Founder. The Father of Electricity wields electric gauntlets of his own devising to give his adversaries high-voltage electrocutions. The Bad-Boys Pack: (DLC) ★ Nixon (Red Team #37): “I am not a crook.” We love everything about this guy. It’s those amazing eyebrows, I tells ya. He wields nunchucks (we got the idea from the end of the movie ‘Black Dynamite’) with bulldog-like ferocity. ★ Clinton (Blue Team #42): “I did not have [censored] [censored] with [censored].” Slick Willy uses his famous saxophone to leave a dent in the heads of playa-haytas everywhere. ★ Andrew Jackson (White Team #7): All we know right now is that he’s on the twenty dollah bill and Mount Rushmore. But we’ll do more research, promise! Presidential Runner-ups: (DLC) ★ Reagan (R#40) ★ FDR (B#32) ★ Thomas Jefferson (W#3) ★ Ulysses S. Grant (R#18) or Teddy Roosevelt (R#26) ★ Jimmy Carter? (B#39) ★ John Adams (W#2) 7 Guest Characters: Not just Presidents! (DLC) ★ Elon Musk: The richest man in history uses a jetpack and space-age technology to rock the battlefield with his own charismatic flare and infectious smile. ★ Saint-Pope John Paul II: The iconic face of mankind’s biggest religion, his Holiness uses incantations of light to summon holy flame, thunder, and healing. ★ St. Joan of Arc: (Did we really have to go this far back in time for a kickass female?) Donned in shining armor, this badass blonde cuts through the heart of evil with a sword of light. ★ Dr. King: He preached Christ-like peaceful means, lawfulness, and content of character instead of content of skin. ..But this is a fighting game, so he’s delivering righteous wrath, gangsta-style. ★ Columbus: The scruffy intrepid explorer following a dream that started it all wields a massive anchor and fires a naval cannon. ★ Einstein: The scientist eponymous with genius uses a variety of chemicals and nuclear-powered gadgetry. ★ Hitler: The political embodiment of evil, the Darth Führer himself wields an assortment of WWII-era German weaponry. We would likely get to some Guests after only 3 Presidential Packs, as the 9 Prez’s they contain are our strongest options besides Reagan. As of now in this game’s development, there are completely separate Profiles for Player 1 and Player 2. Unlocked Prez’s are unlocked for both, but each enjoys a separate growth and progression for levels, Coins, and unlocked cosmetics. Each battle grants XP––100% for the winner, and one-third for the loser––and each level-up grants either Red, White, or Blue Coins, depending on the Prez’s Team, good towards unlocking cosmetics for any Prez of that Team. (Guest characters would likely use Silver Coins.) What sorts of game modes and features would you like to see? Let us know by treating the Reviews area as a Comments section below. Up-vote your favorite suggestions by others to get them seen at the top of the Reviews. (Or downvote. We don’t judge.) Battle Modes we’re considering thus far: ★ 2-player 3-on-3 tag mode, a la the ‘Marvel vs. Capcom’ series. ★ 4-player 2-on-2 simultaneous battle mode, a la ‘Street Fighter x Tekken’. ★ 4-player platform fighter mode, a la the ‘Smash Bros’ series. ★ Tournament mode: 2 players use several characters in back-to-back battles with continuous health bars until one team is left standing. ★ Quickie Story Modes? (Character-specific, i.e. Trump v. Deep State, Obama v. old healthcare, Washington v. tyranny) ★ Grand Epic Story Mode? (Akin to NetherRealm Studios, a grand overall epic storyline featuring all existing Prez’s and Guests, possibly involving time warps to bring them all together, and super-soldier infusements (Einstein?), to stop a returning Hitler from taking over the world? Would likely take too long to ever happen, due to its cinematic nature, and would be dependent upon many characters being completed.) Features we’re considering thus far: ★ Create-a-Prez (DLC): Character creation mode to design your own Mr.––or Mrs.!––Prez. Be about anything you want to be. Rainbow? Christ? Freedom? Tyranny? Life? Choice? Choose the flair that lets everyone know what you’re all about. (Or just make some females so that this game doesn’t have more sausage than Oktoberfest.) ★ Profile Images: Choose from an assortment of unlockable icon and background images to jazz up your profile. Most Likely Production Timeline: (if ever) ❶ Create-a-Prez: Female ❷ Create-a-Prez: Male ❸ The Heart of a Nation Pack: Lincoln, JFK, Franklin (+new stages: Civil War, Grassy Knoll, Cabin) ❹ The Bad-Boys Pack: Nixon, Clinton, Jackson ❺ Heaven or Hell Guest Pack: John Paul II, Jeanne, Hitler (+new stages: Vatican/Churches, European Fields, War-torn Cities) ❻ Great Minds Guest Pack: Einstein, Dr. King, Musk ❼ ??? Note: All of our games may run at a very low frame rate (~10fps) when played directly on an Xbox console, sometimes resulting in a slow, ‘swimmy’ feel. We know that few gamers prefer to play on a computer instead of a console, but this game, like all of our games, runs lightning-fast when instead played on any Windows computer device. If you’d like to try that, download the game in the Xbox app and connect 2 USB Xbox controllers to experience the game in all of its intended glory. The difference is palpable. However, we’ll continue to do our best to maximize the Xbox console experience. If you’ve already purchased all of the Prez’s, but would like to show your continued support to decrease the chance that this project is left in the annals of gaming history, please consider making a generous donation in the form of the Presidential Beatdown Campaign Contribution add-on. If we can break a certain level of returns each month, we’ll know this is worth continuing. Completion of any planned characters or features is not guaranteed. Spread word about this game! Or to get something more than a warm fuzzy feeling for your buck, check out the other games by Eternal Studios. We recommend our flagship production and crown jewel, the breathtaking animated historical epic saga ‘Eternal’ (2023). Grab a friend or foe! Enjoy physical political debates! Make Politics Fun Again! Play Presidential Beatdown today! Side effects may include feelings of patriotism. Proudly made in New York.

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