Pinball FX - Star Wars™️ Pinball: Thrill of the Hunt

Pinball FX - Star Wars™️ Pinball: Thrill of the Hunt

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Thrill of the Hunt offers two of the most exciting digital pinball tables in the galaxy! The hunt is on -- in two very different ways -- with THE MANDALORIAN and CLASSIC COLLECTIBLES. THE MANDALORIAN: This table adapts the entire first season of the hit TV show, with story-based missions that can be played in any order. From Mando's perspective, accept bounties, pursue targets, find the Child, and fight Imperial troopers and other bounty hunters. CLASSIC COLLECTIBLES: Celebrate the Star Wars Original Trilogy era like you're a kid again -- with action figures! The hunt is on. Do you have the "points of articulation" in your own fingers to decorate your shelves with more than 15 sought-after collectibles? Can you secure the most valuable toys in the galaxy?

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ZEN Studio Kft

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ZEN Studio Kft

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