ShellShock Live
ShellShock Live

ShellShock Live

KChamp Games • 動作與冒險 • 多玩家線上競技場 • 射擊

需要 Xbox 訂閱才能在主機上遊玩線上多人遊戲 (單獨銷售)。


ShellShock Live is a strategic online multiplayer artillery game created by kChamp Games. - Fight Alongside your Friends (Or blow them up... we won't judge!) Take part in action-packed 8-Player team and free-for all battles. Tactical gameplay is essential to victory, while numerous distinct tanks, weapons, items, maps, and play styles make every match unique. - Way Too Many Weapons It's a bit ridiculous. Unlock, upgrade, and master over 200 unique power-packed weapons, from the intimidating 'Seagull' to the ever-powerful 'Mega-Nuke'. The best part is that we're building and adding more daily. - Loads of Modes Armored carnage must get old after a while, right? Wrong. Unique game modes keep things fresh and give you the opportunity to demolish tanks in a multitude of ways. - Become the Best There Ever Was Earn XP to level up and become king of the battlefield. Play through 100 unique ranks, each with their own rewards and unlocks. Global leaderboards and rankings keep things spicy. - Upgrade Everything And when we say everything, we mean everything. Upgrade your tank. Upgrade your skills. Upgrade your items. Upgrade your arsenal. All 200+ of the game's weapons can be upgraded to more powerful versions. - Nature Doesn't Stand a Chance Fully destructible terrain creates a dynamically changing battlefield. Earthquakes and other natural disasters keep you on your toes (just like in real life!)


KChamp Games


KChamp Games




Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Xbox 本機合作遊戲 (2-4)
線上合作玩家 (2-4)
Xbox 本機多人遊戲 (2-4)
線上多人遊戲 (2-8)
Xbox One X 增強型
Xbox 成就
Xbox 目前狀態
Xbox 雲端儲存
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