Armello - Complete Edition

Armello - Complete Edition

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‘Armello - Complete Edition’ is the best way to get ‘Armello’, the critically acclaimed, grim fairy-tale board game come to life, with all Heroes, quests, clans, and much more at a huge discount! The ‘Armello - Complete Edition’ bundle includes: Armello - The base game including eight playable Heroes (two from each of the four Great Clans), Classic Armello dice, four rings per clan (three per clan unlockable), thirteen amulets (nine unlockable), two board skins, 150+ animated cards, and well over 200 quests. The Dragon Clan - Four playable Dragon Clan Heroes, a brand new Dragon-exclusive Quest system, a complete Dragon Clan Novella, Dragon Dice, six new rings, and a new amulet! The Bandit Clan - Four playable Bandit Clan Heroes, Bandit Clan dice, two rings, one amulet, Guppy (Squire) card skin, and 50 additional quests. Usurpers Hero Pack - Four playable Usurper Heroes (One for Wolf, Rabbit, Rat and Bear) and four rings. Rivals Hero Pack - Four playable Rivals Heroes (One for Wolf, Rabbit, Rat and Bear), four rings and one amulet. Hero Skins Pack - Alternate skins for the original eight Heroes and the Usurpers Heroes. Seasons Board Skins Pack - Two alternate board skins; Spring and Autumn.


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