Aquarium Land

Aquarium Land

QubicGames S.A.模擬家庭與兒童
9 種支援語言
9 種支援語言
適合 3 歲 (含) 以上

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Go fish in the sea, swim, catch species like goldfish, starfish, koi fish and add them to your fish tank to expand your aquarium shop! Drive a motorboat, ride a jet ski or just jump in the water and dive with a friend in multiplayer mode! Discover amazing places filled with a wide variety of beautiful animals. Discover huge and legendary creatures to attract more visitors. There is a customer for every sea animal, big or tiny, all you have to do is fish with attitude! Invest in your aquarium shop and explore the sea world like a real fishy tycoon! The more money you earn, the more upgrades and aquariums you can get! Features: - many different aquatic worlds - 100+ species to catch - multiplayer mode up to 2 players - 20 funny skins to choose from - character, customer and employee upgrades - motorboat and jet-ski riding - different diving styles with cool animations - aquarium decorations - ship expeditions Can you be the best fish tycoon, let the tides lead you and rule your tile aquarium?


QubicGames S.A.


Homa Games SAS




  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Xbox 本機合作遊戲 (2-2)
  • Single player
  • Shared/split screen
  • Xbox 成就
  • Xbox 雲端儲存
  • Xbox Live