Trenga Unlimited

Trenga Unlimited

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1 ngôn ngữ được hỗ trợ
1 ngôn ngữ được hỗ trợ

Mô tả

Choose the right pieces, place them into the tower and solve the puzzle! This is Trenga, a relaxing 3D puzzle game with a unique yet familiar mechanic. Help Kate Nemo and the cute sea creatures, challenging your friends and family or even your own brain, to solve tricky missions in the 3 beautiful worlds of this captivating underwater adventure.

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Flux Games

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Flux Games

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Có thể chơi được trên

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S

Chức năng

  • Xbox local multiplayer (2-4)
  • Một người chơi
  • Xbox achievements
  • Xbox presence
  • Xbox Live