The Game of Life 2 - Ultimate Life Collection

The Game of Life 2 - Ultimate Life Collection

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Live more lives in The Game of Life 2, with 8 magical worlds to discover! Float into Sweet Haven, launch into the Lunar Age and live among the dinosaurs in the Age of Giants! Each world includes new outfits, vehicles, jobs, properties, avatars and unlockable items! SUPERHERO WORLD Gear up and set off on a journey to the Superhero World, where an extraordinary adventure awaits! Dress up as a Wonder Warrior in the powerful tech cycle, or harness the power of the stars as a Magical Girl while navigating in your Magical Scooter! EL DORADO Hop in your Vintage Car, Steam Paddle Boat or Copter. Take control of your route and become a Map Maker, or see what life brings as a Pathfinder. Through the Waterfall Village you’ll find the sparkling Golden City itself! Will you retire to the Temple, or take a classic biplane to your next adventure? UNDER THE SEA It's time to swim through a new life adventure in Under the Sea world! Flash your scales in the Mermaid outfit, go to the School of Fish and earn Sunken Treasure. Turn the tide with every life choice! SWEET HAVEN Sprinkle some sugar on your life choices! Buy the Croissant Cottage, or save up for the Macaron Mansion! LUNAR AGE Launch into orbit and build a new life on the furthest frontier. Graduate from the Lunar Academy and become a Blackhole Explorer! SANDY SHORES Go on a forever holiday to an island where the sun never sets and the skies are always blue. FROZEN LANDS Get in your sleigh and qualify as an Arctic Scientist, or hit the slopes as a professional Snow Sledder! AGE OF GIANTS Travel back in time to a land where pegs and dinosaurs are best friends. Become a Dino Dentist, or a Raptor Postman!


Marmalade Game Studios


Marmalade Game Studios

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