The Game of Life 2 - Under the Sea World

The Game of Life 2 - Under the Sea World

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Turn the tide with every choice! When you’re done living in the Classic City there are more worlds to explore in The Game of Life 2. Dive into Under the Sea world, with NEW outfits, vehicles, jobs, properties, avatars and more! Come out of your shell and swim through a new life adventure. Flash your fins in the Mermaid outfit, hoist the colours as the Pirate and become one with marine life in the Seahorse Onesie. Go to the School of Fish and become a Conch Trader, or start out as a Sea Urchin Farmer! Life begins in the Warm Rock Suburbs, face your first crossroads in the Seaweed Forest, and make a splash in the Bustling Reef. It’s all about the risky and safe paths through the Sunken City as you swim through shipwrecks and abandoned submarines. Retire to the luxurious Coral Castle or catch the Manta Ray Express to fulfil your bucket list! In this watery world every decision creates ripples!


Marmalade Game Studio


Marmalade Game Studio

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S