Clone Drone in the Danger Zone
Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

Clone Drone in the Danger Zone

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12 Desteklenen dil
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Clone Drone in the Danger Zone is a robot voxel slice-em-up where any part of your body can be sliced off. With your mind downloaded into a robot gladiator, you must survive the sinister trials of the arena. Singleplayer Game Modes: • Story Mode - One part epic tale of human defiance, another part laser swords. • Endless Mode - Challenge yourself to fight through 86 level variants spread across 7 difficulty tiers. Can you make it to TITANIUM? • Challenge Mode - Bow-only, hammer-only, can you still survive the arena? Multiplayer Game Modes: • Last Bot Standing - A Battle-Royale-like game mode with short, 5-10 minute play sessions and up to 15 players. Survive, and shower in the remains of your fellow robot competitors. • Private Duels - Challenge your friend to a 1v1 duel! • Online Co-op! - Use the power of human friendship (and laser swords!) to survive in the arena!


Doborog Games


Doborog Games

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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Çevrimiçi işbirliği (2-5)
Çevrimiçi çok oyunculu (2-15)
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