Sokocat - Combo
Sokocat - Combo

Sokocat - Combo

QUByte Interactive • เกมสำหรับเด็กและครอบครัว • เกมปริศนาประลองปัญญา
รองรับ 3 ภาษา
รองรับ 3 ภาษา


Sokocat – Combo, brings two games from the series, Sokocat Islands and Sokocat Dungeon, a puzzle game that requires the player to push stone blocks to the correct position to reach the end of the level. Sokocat Islands brings a tropical themed adventure; solve minimalist puzzles while listening to the sea and a relaxing soundtrack. Sokocat Dungeon, in the other hand, brings a mysterious adventure, Kitten Jone (the cat) now has to find artifacts in the dungeons of a castle. Enjoy the Islands, avoid the traps in the Dungeon and keep pushing the blocks to the right spot to succeed. Hope this cat has 9 lives. Developed by Moraes Games Studio and published by QUByte Interactive


QUByte Interactive


Moraes Game Studio




  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


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