City Connectionคลาสสิกเกมยิงปืน
ลดราคา: ประหยัด ฿69.80, สิ้นสุดในอีก 2 วัน
ลดราคา: ประหยัด ฿69.80, สิ้นสุดในอีก 2 วัน
สำหรับอายุ 7 ปีขึ้นไป


Marion and friends are going on on an epic adventure around the world in the ultimate Psikyo shooting game. GUNBIRD 2 is a vertical-scrolling shooter game that first appeared in arcades in 1998. The game features a magical mirror that grants wishes and a massive cast of flamboyant characters! Enjoy interesting conversations between characters during special scenes and when bosses appear! Watch for subtle changes in dialogue between different unit combinations during 2-player mode, too! The power gauge, chain bonuses, and bonus carriers are new game mechanics These new features make score attacks and strategy planning even more fun! The game comes with options you can tweak to your liking. Pick your preferred difficulty, max lives, max continues, key controls, and more to make the game just right for you. Don't forget about the new online rankings! Do you have what it takes to become the best GUNBIRD in the world? Characters: "Marion" The Little Great Wizard - Sweet carnival! Flying Honors Student "Tavia" - For true warriors only! Lone Vampire "Alucard" - Comes with rapid-firing bat missiles! Military Robot "Valpiro" - The powerful Valpiro Punch knocks anyone out! Obese Body "Hei-Cob" - This rotund grenade is more destructive than you think! Naked Samurai "Ayin" - A guest from the popular game Tengai! Planes: "P" items power up your unit and add sub-weapons to it. "B" items give you bombs that deal area damage to clear out enemies or help with emergency escapes. Activate your super shot by charging up! Attacking at close range is a high-risk, high-reward technique you'll want to master! ARCADE Mode: Seven difficulty tiers to cater to all levels of players—including beginners! Those looking for a challenge should try out HARD and VERY HARD modes! There will be local rankings for each plane in each difficulty mode. Options: Play in vertical screen mode for that nostalgic arcade experience! Two additional screen filters for your enjoyment. Lives can be set between 1 to 9, whereas continues can be set between 0 to infinity. Freely configure your preferred keys for shots, auto-shots, or bombs. Vertical screen mode is playable even in landscape orientation. You decide your style! SCORE ATTACK: This new mode has a fixed difficulty and number of lives. Serious challengers only! Submit your high scores to compete with players from around the world! Online rankings can be viewed from the options menu.


City Connection


Zerodiv, City Connection




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