Dune: Spice Wars - House Vernius of Ix

Dune: Spice Wars - House Vernius of Ix

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สำหรับอายุ 7 ปีขึ้นไป
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THE HOUSE VERNIUS OF IX In the heart of the Ixian Confederation, House Vernius, masters of science and engineering, established itself as the Empire's primary supplier of cutting-edge technology. Adapting to the constraints of the Butlerian Jihad, they discreetly explore forbidden self-learning tech. LEADER AND COUNCILLORS Earl Rhombur Vernius Forced into renegade status, House Vernius of Ix, under Earl Rhombur Vernius's leadership, clandestinely opposes the Emperor. Rhombur, marked as a cyborg after surviving an assassination attempt, embodies the house's philosophy. Saved by cybernetics, yet at the cost of diminishing humanity. Vernius Councillors Excelling in the arts of spying, expansion, technocracy and diplomacy, Earl Rhombur Vernius is surrounded by his most loyal councillors. MAIN FEATURES Resources House Vernius of Ix leverages unique knowledge and development mechanics to reduce reliance on water compared to other factions. The faction also possesses 3 drones and 2 human units with increased fuel cell dynamics. Nodal Network Plan your expansion carefully as you connect regions under your control with strategically placed Nodes, resulting in advantages like reduced water consumption and enhanced drone performance near the network. Technological Exchange Vernius requires substantial Standing for core mechanics. Prioritize alliances for easy gains and bonuses, including knowledge-boosting development. Allied factions benefit from all Vernius developments. Patent and Obfuscate At 5k Hegemony, Vernius patents unique developments for 1000 solari. At 10k Hegemony, they obfuscate a development for 20 standing, nullifying its effects for all players. Main Base The Vernius main base has 3 districts, each with 3 buildings. Unlike other factions, these districts offer bonuses based on the types of buildings they contain, enhancing strategic flexibility. HEROES AND UNITS Ixian Heroes C’tair Pilru specializes in guerrilla warfare, excelling in defense when surrounded by suboids. The cybernetics genius Nuwa Cenva, descendant of space-folding inventor Norma Cenva, strengthens drones and is the leader of the Vernius secret project on Arrakis. Units House Vernius of Ix deploys a diverse arsenal, featuring resilient melee drones, methodical flankers, potent anti-armour specialists, a support unit, an elite combat engineer, the stealthy spacecraft Spirit, and the Folder Relay frigate for swift strategic teleportation.


Funcom, Shiro Games


Shiro Games




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