Construction Simulator - Year 1 Season Pass

Construction Simulator - Year 1 Season Pass

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Take your construction work to the next level and expand your Construction Simulator experience with the Year 1 Season Pass! Enjoy 21 brand-new machines from two renowned manufacturers, exciting new mission campaigns that add hours and hours of gameplay, two cosmetic packages which let you get to work in style, and an exclusive Season Pass helmet – all in one package. The Year 1 Season Pass contains: • Exclusive Season Pass Helmet • JCB Pack with 6 brand-new machines • Cosmetic Pack #1, including two helmets, new safety glasses, and additional ear protection for your avatar • The Airfield Expansion features a brand-new campaign with airfield-related contracts, adding more than 30 hours of gameplay in both Sunny Haven and Friedenberg • Cosmetic Pack #2, including new skins for helmets • The SANY Pack adds 15 new machines from the renowned Chinese manufacturer • The Spaceport Expansion includes a brand-new map inspired by a tropical peninsula and three exclusive campaigns that add more than 40 hours of gameplay


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