Call of the Wild: The Angler™ - Spain Reserve

Call of the Wild: The Angler™ - Spain Reserve

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Write your own fishing story in Aguas Claras. With gorgeous, vibrant nature and charming, picturesque fishing spots, it’s no wonder this Andalusian paradise is cherished by anglers around the world. Catch exciting new and familiar fish species Aguas Claras boasts a diverse aquatic ecosystem with sixteen unique fish species, eleven of them being entirely new discoveries, unique to this DLC. As you explore the various lakes, ponds, and caves with your new gear and fishing expertise, you'll have the chance to reel in species such as the enduring Andalusian Barbel, the elusive Mirror Carp, or the night-dwelling European Eel. Additionally, you can test your angling expertise against familiar favorites like the Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike. Write your own fishing story in charming Andalusia Aguas Claras, a picturesque small town in Andalusia, has remained secluded from the outside world for some time. Today, it stands on the cusp of rediscovery as the nexus of delicious cuisine, a multifaceted history, and blissful fishing opportunities. With its bountiful, unspoiled nature and a rich local heritage, Aguas Claras is a true paradise for anglers. Take on new activities and challenges Meet Daniel and Karim, the Shopkeeper and Warden of Aguas Claras. They will be your guides in your journey to uncover the craggy outcrop ridges, breathtaking vistas overlooking vast reservoirs, and ancient ruins within the region. Together, you'll tackle the over 60 exciting new missions and challenges awaiting you in the reserve. Cast your line from the most stunning fishing spots Daniel and Karim will send you on missions across various locations within the reserve. You’ll have the opportunity to engage in fishing at a perilous mountain gorge and in secret underground lakes and rocky mountain streams.


Expansive Worlds


Expansive Worlds




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