Call of the Wild: The Angler™ - South Africa Reserve

Call of the Wild: The Angler™ - South Africa Reserve

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Explore South Africa and catch unique new fish species with your friends. Complete missions at Fishing Hubs for rewards and discover breathtaking landmarks. Find and catch new fish species South Africa's beautiful waterways are home to 16 fish species, including 13 new discoveries like the African Sharptooth Catfish, African Mottled Eel, and Spotted Bass. Immerse yourself in the challenge of finding these unique species, adjust your technique based on their habits and characteristics, and feel the thrill of the fight as you test your skills. Master new missions at Fishing Hubs Hone your angling skills at the newly introduced Fishing Hubs. These new additions, exclusive to South Africa, present a new way to improve your fishing techniques. Pay a visit to each Hub, tackle their individual missions, and earn exclusive rewards inspired by the reserve itself. Invite a friend who owns the base game to join you for free Explore South Africa with a friend and bond over memorable fishing moments together. When you purchase the reserve, not only can you invite a friend who owns the base game to join you for free, but this offer also extends to our other reserves too! Find your fishing haven in South Africa Experience the breathtaking natural beauty of South Africa as you discover stunning landmarks, explore fascinating caves, marvel at waterfalls, visit the prehistoric Dino Park, and navigate through mighty canyons and vast savannahs. All while discovering unique fishing spots, peaceful vistas, and learning more about South Africa.


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Expansive Worlds




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