TimeSplitters 2

TimeSplitters 2

Deep Silver • Стрелялки
Исходная цена USD$9.99, продается за USD$2.49
Продается со скидкой. Экономия: USD$7.50
Продается со скидкой. Экономия: USD$7.50
Старше 18 лет, Насилие


TimeSplitters 2 is an adrenalised race through time to save man's future from the grasp of a hideous alien race. In control of a space marine who has infiltrated their ship on the edge of space and time, leap into periods of past and future history, track down and eliminate the TimeSplitters and their diabolical attempts to enslave humankind! В эту игру нельзя играть на консоли Xbox 360.

Deep Silver
Free Radical Design
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Xbox Series X|S


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