Knights and Bikes
Knights and Bikes

Knights and Bikes

Double Fine Productions, Inc. • Экшн и приключения • Семья и дети
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Поддерживаемые языки: 4
Xbox Play Anywhere
Поддерживаемые языки: 4
Старше 12 лет
Насилие, Страх, Брань


You’ll play as Nessa & Demelza as they explore an ancient island with their pet goose Captain Honkers, riding and upgrading their bikes on a quest for answers. As the story unfolds they’ll face hazards, puzzles, and the gathering forces of an ancient curse with their growing collection of frisbees, water-balloons, toilet-plungers, and a boom-box loud enough to wake the undead. Together our heroines will laugh, learn, and cry - but will the power of their friendship be enough to actually save the island AND each other? *Local multiplayer is available in all versions. Online multiplayer is only available for Xbox One console. Voice chat is available with Party chat.


Double Fine Productions, Inc.


Foam Sword Games

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