Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack

Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack

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Требуется игра
Требуется игра
Старше 18 лет
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Для использования этого содержимого требуется игра (продается отдельно).


If you own the Rockstar Pass for Max Payne 3, DO NOT purchase this content here as you will be charged again. Max Payne 3 required; sold separately. Requires a Game Pass Core membership to play (sold separately). Download the Deathmatch Made in Heaven Pack for four new multiplayer modes, weapons, items, burst and new arcade mode. In Dead Men Walking co-op mode, fight waves of enemies as Max and Passos, earning Grit, which is used to unlock new areas of the map, weapons, weapon attachments and ammo. Play as the villainous Saci, Captain Baseball Bat Boy's nemesis, in Run and Stun mode; start with a stun gun and kill players to turn them to your side. Settle vendettas to score points in Marked Man, get kills as fast as you can for score multipliers in Time Attack, or play Checkpoint Challenge in Arcade mode.


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