Alder's Blood: Definitive Edition

Alder's Blood: Definitive Edition

No Gravity Games • Akcja i przygoda • Fabularne • Strategiczne
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7 obsługiwane języki
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God is dead and it was us who killed him. Without God, the world became twisted and has fallen into chaos. Malevolent essence bleeding from his dead carcass gives birth to inhuman abominations that roam the land, hunting and devouring anything human. But God’s death has also sprouted a new kind of life: The Hunters. They look human, but they are not. They are so much less, and so much more. The meaning of their life is to vanquish the ever-growing Darkness and to protect humanity - at all cost. Each clan of Hunters has their own Chief, and that’s the role you’re going to play. As the Chief, you manage your clan’s camping, shifts, equipment, resources, crafting, trading, travels, and most importantly - the Hunt. Hunts are the main source of field experience for Hunters under your lead and the rewards you reap from them are the main way to fund your future hunts. But beware, they’re extremely difficult and dangerous, as the spawns of Darkness take various shapes - each more deadly than the other. On the Hunt, there is no place for blind bravery or brute force - those will only lead to your end. Instead, the key tactics are stealth, paying attention from where the wind blows, traps, ambushes, and swift, accurate strikes. There is no room for mistakes and each - is being paid with life and blood. Only carefully threading your actions, strategies and wise management of your scarce resources - does give you a chance of survival. Then something happened. An old friend, but with a stranger’s face. Blind eyes, that saw something they weren't supposed to. Silence, replaced by whispers. Whispers, replaced by screams. And the curtain of this wounded world about to fall.

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