Voxel Raiders
Voxel Raiders

Voxel Raiders

Phil Reeks • Actie en avontuur • Kaart- en bordspellen • Klassiekers • Gezin en kinderen • Vechten • Puzzelen en trivia • Simulatie • Strategie


A turn-based strategy, which involves moving your boats, men and catapults to capture the castle of each opponent. Playing pieces can move in any direction up to a distance of nine grid squares in a straight line, obstacles permitting. Collecting extra gold in the game allows players to buy further units. During the game, winter sets in and freezes over ever increasing sections of water, which in turn can trap the players' boats. To win the game the player must defeat all opponents by attacking their castles, which may take several attempts. When a castle is captured, the defeated player's units are transferred to the victor. Players also have to be wary of hazards such as drinking horns; men who drink these move around the playing area erratically, fighting any units they encounter, but may be captured by an opposing army. However, the drunk Vikings also have a random 'invincibility' about them, which can occasionally lead to one of them - laden with Dutch courage - taking out most of an opposition army. Compete against your friends in the Xbox Live leaderboards! A remake of the retro classic Viking Raiders released for the ZX Spectrum. Music by bibby5000.

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  • Xbox One
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  • Local multiplayer
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • HDR10
  • Single player
  • Shared/split screen
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