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miniMini GAMES

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Collection of simple mini-games for one player where the objective is to beat the maximum score. The collection contains 5 initial mini-games and more will be added over time. The following minigames are included: -A Game Of Cube: Watch out! The Red Cubes will make you lose 5 points and the Black Cubes will make you lose 1 live. You will have only 3 lives to play. -Dinosaur 3D: A powerful T-Rex tries not to get hurt by those evil cacti that stand in his way from him. -Dog Dodge: Try to get all the hamburgers you can by trying to avoid the exploding garbage bags that fall from the sky. -Highway: Drive along the road avoiding all the obstacles that appear. The speed will increase as time passes. -Spaceship: Shoot the objects that come towards you. These will be boosted and after a while they will be destroyed. Every time an object bounces with another you will get more points.

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Ject Lab Studio



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  • pc
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Single player
  • Xbox Live