Demolish & Build
Demolish & Build

Demolish & Build

Ultimate Games • Simulering
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Demolish & Build offers four huge locations in which we can construct or destroy buildings. We play as an owner of a construction-destruction company and our employees can use various tools such as hammers but they can also use smaller or bigger machines such as diggers, bulldozers, cranes or a remote controlled robot that can work in the most harsh conditions, inaccessible and dangerous places. - Various construction and demolition machines - 4 different world locations with freely navigable world - Hire and manage workers - Specialized hand tools - Demolition site dust control - Finish contracts or use your machines to gather resources and earn cash - Invest in your own properties - Demolition site preparation - Manage your company and make sure it's rating goes up

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Ultimate Games

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Noble Muffins



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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


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