Doug Hates His Job
Doug Hates His Job

Doug Hates His Job

Super Villain Games • 액션 및 어드벤처 • 격투 • 플랫포머 • 롤플레잉 • 슈팅


Doug Hates his Job is a Beat-Em Up game with an office mockumentary style story about a sales agent who, as the title states, hates his job! Join Doug as he tries to deal with the typical every day office pet peeves. You get to decide how Doug responds to annoying coworkers, crazy clients, and a ruthless boss. Along the way, unlock new levels with several styles of gameplay. Features 8 different styles of gameplay: Beat-Em up Choose your own adventure Bar Trivia On Rails Shooter 3d Melee combat Stealth 2D Platformer Top Down car Racer

Super Villain Games
Super Villain Games
출시 날짜
2020. 4. 24.

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