Bundle Epopeia Puzzle Games

Bundle Epopeia Puzzle Games

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25 idiomas admitidos
25 idiomas admitidos


In this bundle we present you our two puzzle games for you relaxing and collecting all achievements while you playing single or with your friends! IIN - You are a soul who controls cubes, overcoming challenges to open and enter the portals, your true goal; Goroons - it's a game about cooperation, communication, and cute monsters with unique abilities!"

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Epopeia Games

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Epopeia Games

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Xbox 로컬 협력 (2-4)
  • Xbox 로컬 다중 접속 (2-4)
  • 싱글 플레이어
  • 공유/분할 화면
  • PC 게임 패드
  • Xbox Live