Park Beyond Pre-Order

Park Beyond Pre-Order

Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S. • Simulation
Optimised for Xbox Series X|S
Optimised for Xbox Series X|S
Optimised for Xbox Series X|S
Optimised for Xbox Series X|S
For all ages

Online Interactivity

+Offers in-app purchases.


Pre-order Park Beyond and get the PAC-MAN™ Impossification Set as a bonus. Enjoy themed rides, shops, decorations and entertainers to give the park of your dreams a unique look. In Park Beyond, you can create the park of your dreams without being held back by gravity! Take the role of a newly-hired visionary architect for a struggling company and create mind-twisting theme parks. You can create the rides you have always dreamed about but that couldn’t exist in real life. Team up with Phil, the enthusiastic park veteran, Izzy, the stern but friendly executive, and a host of other colorful and passionate characters, to build a successful and profitable park company. The user-friendly controls and a story-driven campaign mode will help you learn the ropes of park management and build increasingly crazy rides and modular coasters. Success depends on your creativity!

Published by

Bandai Namco Europe S.A.S.

Developed by

Limbic Entertainment

Playable on

  • Xbox Series X|S


  • 4K Ultra HD
  • HDR10
  • Single player
  • Spatial Sound
  • Optimized for Xbox Series X|S
  • PC Game Pad
  • Xbox Live