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Xbox Game Pass Quests: Play the games you love and earn rewards.

Xbox Game Pass members can earn Microsoft Rewards points playing games from the Xbox Game Pass catalogue.

Head to the Xbox Game Pass membership area to find your exclusive quests and start earning points. Redeem your points in the Microsoft Rewards app for Xbox Gift Cards, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and much more.

Browse current quests below and see details on your Xbox.

Three Manga heroes in fighting stance looking at the viewer

Earn points with Jump Force

Complete two achievements in Jump Force to earn 100 points. Check your Xbox for details.

The Prisoner character from Dead Cells looks across the water at an industrial skyline

Dead Cells

Complete two achievements in Dead Cells to earn 100 points. Check your Xbox for details.

A sunset scene showing a man holding a shovel walking towards the viewer with two crows behind him


Complete any achievement in the Shocktober collection to earn 50 points. Check your Xbox for details.

ID@Xbox logo over intertwined spirals of game posters


Complete three achievements in any combination of ID@Xbox games to earn 150 points. Check your Xbox for details.

Illustration of a woman holding binoculars surrounded by rope, a compass, a map and two burning torches

Play Something New

Earn an achievement in one of the recently added games to earn 50 points. Check your Xbox for details.

Three smartphones showing the user interface of the Xbox Game Pass mobile app


Complete the mobile app quest to earn 100 points. Check your Xbox for details.

Two men sitting on the same sofa wearing headphones and holding Xbox One controllers.

Join Microsoft Rewards to earn points with Xbox Game Pass Quests

Earning rewards is easy, simple and fun. Just search, shop or play with Microsoft and you’ll be on your way to earning more than ever.

Xbox Game Pass neon sign with Xbox nexus logo and green arrow surrounded by Lara Croft, Master Chief, Kait Diaz and Batman.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate

Upgrade to the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate plan for all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, plus over 100 console and PC games.

From Metro Exodus, a man holding a gun stands on snow-covered train tracks in a tunnel

Earn points on PC

Earn 50 points when you complete an achievement on PC. Check your Xbox for details.

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