The Last Oricru - Final Cut

The Last Oricru - Final Cut

Prime Matter • Δράση και περιπέτεια • Παιχνίδια ρόλων
Βελτιστοποιημένο για Xbox Series X|S
Βελτιστοποιημένο για Xbox Series X|S
Σε προσφορά: αποθήκευση 16,00 €, τελειώνει σε 5 ημέρες
*πωλείται για 19,99 € τις τελευταίες 30 ημέρες
Βελτιστοποιημένο για Xbox Series X|S
Βελτιστοποιημένο για Xbox Series X|S
Σε προσφορά: αποθήκευση 16,00 €, τελειώνει σε 5 ημέρες
Για ηλικίες από 16 ετών και άνω
Έντονη βία, Έντονη φρασεολογία

Το παιχνίδι απαιτεί online συνδρομή για πολλούς παίκτες για να παίξει στην κονσόλα (Game Pass Core ή Ultimate, πωλείται χωριστά)


Enter a world beyond your imagination with The Last Oricru - Final Cut. An action-based RPG taking interactive storytelling to the next level, The Last Oricru - Final Cut features a fantasy world blending sci-fi and medieval elements to deliver a thrilling experience like no other. Seize your destiny and take your place in this new world on the brink of catastrophic war in this epic adventure for single or co-op play. Awakening on Warenia, an alien planet on the brink of war, gamers assume the role of our hero Silver, placing the destiny of multiple conflicting races in your hands, as the choices you make shape the narrative and the outcome of this epic tale of intrigue and adventure. Partly terraformed yet isolated from the cold depths of the universe via a mysterious protective barrier, discover the secrets of this strange environment, engage in intense combat, and battle blood-thirsty bosses to uncover the truth of this alien planet. Immersing gamers in a unique ‘sci-fi meets medieval aesthetic’, The Last Oricru - Final Cut dispenses with a linear narrative, allowing gamers to shape the story through their own actions. In The Last Oricru - Final Cut your decisions have repercussions where the future is in flux and every player will experience a different outcome through the consequences of their actions. Learn new skills, level up your abilities, and prepare for the unknown where anything could happen and danger lurks behind every corner. Adventure is never far away! Re-booted, re-imagined and stacked with significant updates, the team behind The Last Oricru - Final Cut presents update 1.3, a major reinvention of the game. New players and seasoned adventurers will discover a totally new experience! Some of the exciting new features include: -Tiered difficulty levels, accessible to novice gamers and seasoned vets -In-game map introduced including navigation points and objectives -All-new save system, transforms the way you progress through the game providing multiple save slots and optional world refresh when leaving the Terminal. Part of a new update of multiple Quality of Life (QOL) enhancements -All-new hint system including short tutorials and opportunities for gamers to master in-game mechanics -Two brand new locations added, complete with new puzzles and bonus rewards -Huge update to online co-op play including optimized net code producing a more stable experience Improvements to combat including the parry system and stamina management -Refined boss fights throughout the game, with special emphasis on the final two bosses -New price that provides even better value for money!

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  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Τοπικό παιχνίδι συνεργασίας Xbox (2-2)
  • Co-op online (2-2)
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  • Βελτιστοποιημένο για Xbox Series X|S
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