Planet Coaster: Vintage Pack
Planet Coaster: Vintage Pack

Planet Coaster: Vintage Pack

Frontier Developments • Προσομοίωση • Στρατηγική
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Experience the golden oldies with the Vintage Pack! It features two new coasters, five new rides, and over 230 scenery pieces to help you build a retro wonderland. Bring the old-school cool with barbershop quartets and trapeze artists, decorate your parks with historic props, and add more bygone magic with fortune-teller cabinets and popcorn machines! Zephyrus is the largest coaster. A high-speed wooden behemoth, it recalls the earliest designs. Then there’s Aces Sky, where retro biplanes freely navigate a large wooden pipe. Round the World, meanwhile, is a wild Ferris wheel that shifts on its axis. Test Flight sees a fleet of aircraft bank and barrel roll round a pillar, while Centrum spins riders on dynamically tilting centrifuge. Rounding off the list are Loop Da Loop, where inverting cabins swing occupants, and Hurricane, that twirls guests in two-seater cars.

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