Lost Judgment School Stories Expansion Pack

Lost Judgment School Stories Expansion Pack

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School Stories Expansion Pack This pack includes activities to deepen your interactions with the school’s clubs. Fight Yagami’s associates in the Boxing Ring as unique sparring partners, burn rubber with a new Bike Gang motorcycle and parts on a new course, strut a fresh costume and moves on the Dance Team, and a tinker with a new robot to reign supreme over the Robotics Club. Additionally, Yagami takes boxing from the ring to the streets as a new fighting style that joins his default martial arts styles. - The School Stories Expansion Pack contains: Dance Club additions: •Additional Special Moves •New Outfit An additional robot for the robot war minigame: •Additional Robot: [MB5000/SUPREMACY] The following items expand the game of School Stories "Bikers": •The body of the motorcycle [MAXINATOR] •Additional Course [Urban] Adds the following sparring partners to the Boxing Gym: •Sugiura •Higashi •Kaito A new fighting style for Yagami: •Boxing Battle Style *As you progress through the School Stories storyline, you will be able to use the School Stories content. *The boxing battle style can be set to not be used from the OPTIONS menu. *"The "School Stories Expansion Pack" DLC can be received by accessing the delivery boxes at the Yagami Detective Agency in Kamurocho or the Yokohama Tsukumo Section in Isezaki Ijincho. *Included in the Lost Judgment Digital Deluxe and Digital Ultimate editions, please be careful about purchasing multiple copies.

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