Bassmaster® Fishing 2022: Jordan Lake
Bassmaster® Fishing 2022: Jordan Lake

Bassmaster® Fishing 2022: Jordan Lake

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Situated in Chatham County, North Carolina, Jordan Lake was created as part of a flood control program when the Haw River was dammed. Whilst largemouth bass dominate the attention of anglers the lake is home to a mixed variety of fish species including crappie, catfish, white bass, spotted and stripers. Jordan Lake will give anglers plenty to find and fish. From the small beach covered coves to long stretches of open water surrounded by small mountain tips in the distance, this is truly a fantastic venue to relax, fish and explore. Find hotspots using your underwater camera and learn where you’ll have the most success on Jordan Lake. With so much variety in fish, locations, environments and points of interest, Jordan Lake will give you plenty of big bass to land! Key Features Include: - 13 Fish Species to fish including Flathead Catfish, White Bass, Yellow Perch and Largemouth Bass - Underwater Structures and points of interest to discover - New Jordan Lake Cup to compete in Career mode - Dynamic time of day system for all day fishing - 10 Named Legendary fish to find and catch - Expansive waters and locations to discover - Unique Jordan Lake Mastery Challenges to complete

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