Way of the Hunter - Matariki Park

Way of the Hunter - Matariki Park

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Discover the magic of New Zealand, a paradise for nature enthusiasts and hunters alike. This country showcases every imaginable environment, offering a vacation adventure filled with twists and unique hunting experiences in one of the earth's wildest natural settings. Welcome to Matariki Park Matariki Park in New Zealand offers a remarkable blend of biomes. Traverse hilly or mountainous terrain, home to the unique Himalayan tahr and the mighty Sambar deer, and venture into the lowland forest areas, the domain of the majestic Red deer. Immerse yourself in nature's beauty and lifelike wildlife that will keep you engaged for hours, all while offering insights into unique local habits and traditions. Experience Nature Like Nowhere Else Matariki Park is a world unto itself, featuring lakes, dams, beaches, dense forests, steep hills, hidden caverns, rivers, and rainforests. It offers a vast array of biomes and wildlife, from Feral pigs and goats unique to Way of the Hunter’s New Zealand, to wild ducks and Sika deer. Enjoy seeing all the animals that have been introduced in recent centuries who have made it their new home. * Matariki Park animals list: Chamois European hare European rabbit Fallow deer Feral goat Feral pig Greylag goose Helmeted guineafowl Himalayan tahr Pheasant Red deer (New Zealand) Rocky Mountain elk Sambar deer Sika deer White-Tailed deer Wild boar Wild duck * Elevated Hunting Experience Introducing the mobile hunting tripod stand - a game-changer for hunters. This feature, available to all WotH owners on all maps, allows for the placement of a stand to wait for the perfect opportunity. Patience is key in the Way of the Hunter, whether in Matariki Park, Nez Perce Valley, Aurora Shores, Tikamoon Plains, or Transylvania. This DLC is also part of the Map Pack 2.


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