Antarctica 88
Antarctica 88

Antarctica 88

EpiXR Games • Akční a adventury • Střílečky
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In this scary game you will find yourself in the ice of Antarctica, where you can immerse into a terrible sci-fi story full of monsters, weapons and adventures. Are you ready to face terrible creatures that Antarctica is hiding? Can you save yourself and humanity? The game takes place at the station "Antarctica 1". Over the past six months the expedition of your father Vladimir Efimov has been engaged in drilling ice and exploring prehistoric minerals found in it. Six weeks ago, the expedition stopped communication. As a part of a four-man rescue squad, you have to figure out what happened there. Nobody will hear your scream! Solve puzzles, explore, collect and use objects to figure out what's the story and try to get out of Antarctica ice alive. There are many endings in Antarctica 88, and the outcome of the story will depend only on your actions and decisions. Can you open all the endings and find out the whole story? Play Antarctica 88 again to discover other endings. Antarctica 88 features: - An original plot with multiple endings - Several types of monsters and weapons - Original author's soundtrack - Hardcore puzzles - A nightmarish atmosphere This is our second game. If you know how to improve it, just leave feedback! Have a nice trip to Antarctica, friends!

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