Warface: Clutch

Warface: Clutch

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12 Supported languages
12 Supported languages
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Warface: Clutch is a contemporary first person shooter with millions of fans around the world. Five unique classes with special skills, teamwork, exciting PVE missions and raids, various PVP modes, hundreds of realistic weapons, modules, equipment and camo items. Play for free! PVP. A range of modes with dozens of maps – from time proven classics to fresh experiments as well as the elaborated system of ranked matches await its heroes! PVE. Play with your friends in short exciting PVE missions or try yourselves in full-scale raids with several difficulty levels. Teamwork. Five classes with unique skills. Assault the defenses of your enemies with a heavy machinegun, revive your teammates, mine the corridors, take down the foes with precise shots or tank the enemy's counter-attack - here you decide how to act! Plenty of rewards and trophies. Hundreds of achievements with fun and challenging conditions of obtaining. Can you collect them all?

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • Online kooperativní hra (2-5)
  • Online hra pro více hráčů (2-32)
  • 4K Ultra HD
  • HDR10
  • Jeden hráč
  • Vylepšeno pro Xbox One X
  • Xbox úspěchy
  • Xbox kluby
  • Xbox Live