The Persistence
The Persistence

The Persistence

Firesprite Ltd • Akční a adventury • Jiné • Střílečky
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18 Podporované jazyky
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The Persistence challenges you to survive aboard a doomed deep space colony starship in the year 2521. Stranded, malfunctioning and caught in the inexorable pull of a black hole, “The Persistence” is overrun with a crew mutated into horrific & murderous aberrations. It’s down to you, a clone of security officer Zimri Eder, to make your way deeper into the depths of The Persistence to repair the systems and prevent the ship from being torn apart. Gather resources, upgrade abilities and fabricate an arsenal of weapons in this brutal sci-fi horror roguelike.

Firesprite Ltd
Firesprite Ltd
Datum vydání
21. 5. 2020

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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


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