Mina & Michi
Mina & Michi

Mina & Michi

Eastasiasoft Limited • Akční a adventury • Rodina a děti
143,00 Kč
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6 Podporované jazyky


Defeat enemies through the seasons in retro 2D style! Join Mina and her best friend Michi as they travel through the seasons of a wonderfully colorful world, solving puzzles and challenging baddies along the way. Together, they’ll uncover secrets, collect magical items and learn special abilities that allow them to reach exciting new places. Take control of Mina and Michi simultaneously, or play cooperatively with a friend!


Eastasiasoft Limited


Ratalaika Games, lightUP

Datum vydání

30. 6. 2021

Hratelné na

Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


Xbox místní spolupráce (2-2)
Jeden hráč
Více než 60 snímků/s
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