Hungry Birds

Hungry Birds

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Sleva: ušetřete 36,30 Kč, ends in 13 days
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'Hungry Birds' is a colorful, fast paced, no nonsense sling shot style game with many levels created from a pool of over 25 unique hand-crafted sceneries, taking you to various locations including lush forests, deserts, space, snow, mountain ranges, chemical plants & oil rig based themes, just to name a few. Your objective is to launch your Bird to take-out enemy monsters within environments full of destructible objects including crates, planks, TNT boxes, ice and glass, while also encountering various puzzles and objects to explore as you pass.. All of which may work for or against you 'Hungry Birds' also includes random weather effects, plenty of 2D physics action with great sound FX and a fantastic music score.


PJ Software Studios


PJ Software Studios

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