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GRAVEL: A DANGEROUSLY FUN GAME With arcade-style gameplay that delivers a thrilling rush experience: destroy obstacles, take shortcuts and forget any rules till the end to win! THE ULTIMATE OFF-ROAD EXPERIENCE! Race around the world in a variety of environments in 4 different disciplines: - Cross Country: the fastest checkpoint races in the hot Namibia desert, or through the Alaskan mountains - Wild Rush: lap races in unique environments, such as a Polynesian atoll or an Australian iron mine. - Stadium Circuits: real and fictional arenas with spectacular layouts. - Speed Cross: from Las Vegas to Montalegre, nine real tracks with mixed tarmac and gravel terrain YOUR CAREER BEGINS THIS YEAR ON GRAVEL CHANNEL Meet the five Off-Road Masters winners of the previous year's edition of the show. Compete against them in a real show, gain fame and fans in more than 60 events from the most extreme places on Earth or against other players online, for the title of Gravel World Champion!

Milestone S.r.l.
Milestone S.r.l.
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27. 2. 2018

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Xbox One
Xbox Series X|S


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