Gangsta Paradise
Gangsta Paradise

Gangsta Paradise

Prison Games • Akční a adventury • Klasické • Střílečky • Simulátory
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1 Podporované jazyky
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Time to take matters into your own hands... Matters or guns... it doesn't matter. Your city was safe from crimes for a long time. But these times had to end. A mafia boss Al Calzone came with his thugs and wants local business owners to pay tribute for "protection". Some people started to pay cash, some paid with theirs lives. It was only a matter of time when they will visit your mothers' flowers store. You can't wait, time to get rid of these mobsters and show who is the real boss here.


Prison Games


Prison Games

Datum vydání

18. 3. 2021

Hratelné na

  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


  • 4K Ultra HD
  • Jeden hráč
  • Sdílená/rozdělená obrazovka
  • Vylepšeno pro Xbox One X
  • Xbox úspěchy
  • Xbox položky uložené v cloudu
  • Xbox Live