CATAN® - Console Edition: Season Pass

CATAN® - Console Edition: Season Pass

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Get access to 3 new seasonal content packs, the Helpers AND Cities & Knights expansions all on release with the CATAN® - Console Edition: Season Pass. CATAN® - Console Edition: The Helpers Help has arrived! Call on the skills and services of CATAN’s most influential inhabitants as you strive to become the winning Catanian. Just remember, you’re not the only one seeking assistance from CATAN’s best and brightest… CATAN® - Console Edition: Cities & Knights – February 2024 Your burgeoning success on CATAN has brought prosperity and wealth – along with unwanted attention. The barbarian horde can smell the riches and are descending on CATAN’s shores. Will your Knights be strong enough to stem the tide? When not defending CATAN, you will still need to compete with other cities for improvements and gathering commodities. Will you succeed, or face ruin? Reap & Sow: Fall Content Pack – October 2023 The glow of summer has faded, and fall has come to CATAN. Give your games an autumnal feel. • Fall-themed artwork, including tiles, dice, and frames. • New characters! - Knight, Hilde, Candimir, Lin • A devilishly delightful Hallowe’en-themed robber • Harvest festival aesthetics with pumpkins, crunchy leaves, scarecrows, and more! • A UI graphical over-fall with vines, berries, cobwebs Ice & Snow: Winter Content Pack – November 2023 Brrr – Pack your winter galoshes because a cold front has gripped CATAN bringing with it some festive and snowy content! • Winter-themed artwork, including tiles, dice, and frames. • More new characters! – Jean, Nassir, Louis, and Marianne. • Deck your robber with a festive themed skin – Fa la la la la, la la la la. • Snow-kissed and pristine, enhance your maps with snowy trees, snowmen, icebergs, and friendly orcas! • Wintery UI overlays with frost, icicles, and snow. Bloom & Grow: Spring Content Pack – February 2024 Spring has sprung on CATAN – The world wakes up after winter’s chill and comes alive again with this spring-themed content pack! • Spring-themed artwork, including tiles, dice, and frames. • Even more new characters! – Candimir, Lin, Sean, Master Merchant • No chocolate eggs are safe with the spring-themed robber skin! • No verdant and pastoral springtime would be complete without world objects such as trees in bloom, baby lambs, rainbows, and chirping birds! • Lush UI overlays with flowers, plant shoots, and more.


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