Boom Ball 2 for Kinect
Boom Ball 2 for Kinect

Boom Ball 2 for Kinect

Virtual Air Guitar Company • Akční a adventury • Rodina a děti • Sport


Boom Ball 2 is a light-hearted, full-body Kinect game about bouncing balls, breaking bricks and blowing stuff up. Smash cubes using ping-pong skills in 50 brand-new levels! Featuring: cute cubes, big bonuses and manic multiball mayhem. New addition: two-player co-op mode! Get your friends and family to join in on the fun! Go ballistic with Boom Ball!


Virtual Air Guitar Company


Virtual Air Guitar Company

Datum vydání

21. 12. 2016

Hratelné na

  • Xbox One


  • Xbox místní spolupráce (2-2)
  • Xbox pro více místních hráčů (2-2)
  • Xbox Live