Xbox Insider Programme

These terms are displayed in the Xbox Insider Hub during registration for the Xbox Insider Programme, and are provided here for reference only.

Step One:

Thank you for joining the Xbox Insider Programme (“Programme”). By choosing Accept, you’re telling us that you’re eligible and willing to access and participate in previewing and providing feedback on Xbox content before it is rolled out to the general public, which could temporarily cause diminished or lost functionality.

Like with everything on Xbox Live, the Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Statement apply to your participation.

Step Two:

By choosing Accept, you’re saying that you’ll give us feedback in a private forum at, by surveys or in other feedback methods we may use.

By your participation in the Programme, we may:

  • Contact you about the programme in a variety of ways, like email, Xbox Live messages and other methods;
  • Collect additional information on issues that you report during your participation in the Programme;
  • Inform you about new beta opportunities, such as new games and apps, available to you in the Programme;
  • Use surveys to get info about your experience or to gauge your interest and qualifications for future beta opportunities;
  • Update you on Programme news and changes; and
  • Inform you about special incentives that you may receive through your participation in the Programme.

You can opt out of these communications from Microsoft by unenrolling from the programme. Any feedback you provide can be used by Microsoft without charge, for any purpose.

We open up these Programme opportunities so that you can tell us what you love, what you don’t love and what you really want to see to make Xbox better. If you ever need help, we’ve got you covered at the forums with support from official Xbox Support staff and Xbox Community Ambassadors. Visit