Strategic Mind: Fight for Dominance + Kaiju Wars - Fight Monsters Bundle

Strategic Mind: Fight for Dominance + Kaiju Wars - Fight Monsters Bundle

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Kaiju Wars: Seismic activity detected! Kaiju are approaching the city! Scramble the jets and deploy the tanks in the 2D turn-based strategy game. Play out a Kaiju movie as the mayor of Floatio city, tasked with holding off the overwhelming strength of a Kaiju attack with (hopelessly) outclassed military. Defend your city as five unique and devastating Kaiju grow in power with every attack. Unfortunately, they can't be killed, but can be slowed down and forced to fall back... for now. Strategic Mind: Fight for Dominance: You can lead the German Armed forces overcoming unthinkable odds and claiming the ultimate bittersweet victory in Europe. Blitzkrieg is the way! or Lead the USSR Armed forces staging the world Communist Revolution. For Stalin! For the Motherland! The game has many historical operations and events but also features a number of alternate history moments. It is created with great care and attention to historical details by a team which is passionate about WW2 history. Watching cinematics before and after every operation you can almost feel that you are indeed a participant of the unfolding epochal events. Moreover, numerous primary and secondary objectives allow you to explore every battle in detail. The gameplay is plot-driven and features many historical personalities.

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Starni Games / Foolish Mortals Games

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