Industry Giant 2: 1980-2020
Industry Giant 2: 1980-2020

Industry Giant 2: 1980-2020

United Independent Entertainment • الحركة والمغامرة • الاستراتيجية • محاكاة
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The ‘1980 – 2020’ DLC adds loads of content to Industry Giant 2! In 20 missions, put your skills to the test as an ambitious entrepreneur in a banana republic or celebrate your impressive successes in interstellar trade with an alien race. 57 unique products and industries, more than 30 sandbox maps and 20 additional vehicles guarantee engrossing games and never a dull moment! Upgrade transportation, and trade goods beyond the edge of the map. High-speed trains have dedicated tracks, helicopters take off and land at heliports, overseas ports enable import and export of goods. Unfetter your passion for business. • 3 additional campaigns • 34 additional sandbox maps • 57 additional products • 20 additional means of transportation • Over 200 products and industries in total

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United Independent Entertainment
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Reactor Games
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