Help Will Come Tomorrow

Help Will Come Tomorrow

Klabater • أخرى • محاكاة • الاستراتيجية
للأعمار من 16 عاماً فأكبر
لغة حادة، تعاطي الكحول/التبغ


Game focuses on the survival of the characters: meeting their needs, gathering resources, expanding the camp, exploring surroundings. In order to win player needs to learn the personality of the characters and work out relations between them, mitigating conflicts and taking care of the morale. Manage scarce resources and stay alive in frosty wilderness of Siberia before help arrives.

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Arclight Creations

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  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series X|S


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  • إنجازات Xbox
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  • Xbox Live

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    Help Will Come Tomorrow

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    Help Will Come Tomorrow

    هذا الإصدار

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