Chaos on Deponia
Chaos on Deponia

Chaos on Deponia

Daedalic Entertainment GmbH • الحركة والمغامرة
عنف متوسط، إشارات جنسية، سب غير المرغوب


Rufus is back! He strives to leave the junk planet Deponia and reach the legendary floating city of Elysium. However, a flaming saw blade grounds Goal and Rufus on Deponia again. By accident, her consciousness gets split into three parts and stored to three different discs. Now it's on Rufus to convince all three parts of Goal to become one again, venture to Elysium with her and save Deponia from certain doom. The second adventure on Deponia tells a unique story playable without further knowledge of the first installment. Fans of the first game discover new aspects of familiar characters' backgrounds and see open questions answered. Features: • Unique 2D game world • Hand-drawn graphics and premium animations in a comicy style • First-class voice output spoken by well-known dubbing actors • Extensively produced soundtrack with atmospheric songs • Supported languages: English (audio), German (audio), Spanish (audio), Italian (audio), French, Russian, Polish, Turkish, Bulgarian, Czech

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Daedalic Entertainment GmbH
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Daedalic Entertainment GmbH
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